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Latest find off Colombia could delineate new gas province
2017-5-10 13:41:45

Ecopetrol and its partner Anadarko have made a major natural gas discovery in Colombia’s Caribbean Sea.

 It marks the biggest find in Colombia’s oil and gas sector in nearly three decades, creates the possibility of developing a gas production cluster and gives the country a much-needed boost to its gas reserves, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said last week.

State-run Ecopetrol shares the exploratory well with US-based Anadarko in the deep waters of the Caribbean Sea. Ecopetrol owns a 50% stake in the well and Anadarko the remaining 50%.

The well was discovered at a depth between 12,000-14,500 feet (3,700-4,400 metres) below sea level in the south Caribbean Sea, where a pay zone measuring between 260-360 feet (80-110 metres) of net gas sand intervals was found, Ecopetrol said. 

Santos said it was the biggest gas find in Colombia in 28 years, describing it as a “new province of gas.” He said it would allow Colombia, Latin America’s fourth largest oil producer, to be energy self-sufficient until 2027.

“This discovery allows us to expand further the Colombian market for natural gas,” Santos said in a televised press conference on May 3. “This important finding confirms that Colombia is an attractive and very important destination for foreign investment,” he added.

The proven gas find at Gorgon-1 is the third discovery in the south Caribbean Sea since 2015. It comes after Ecopetrol and Anadarko struck gas at the Kronos-1 well in 2015, and more recently at the Purple Angel-1 in February. Gorgon-1 is part of the Purple Angel block and is located 16.7 miles (27 km) north of Purple Angel-1. The block covers a total area of 14,900 square km.

“The confirmation of the presence of a set of gas fields in the area opens the possibility for Colombia to develop a ‘cluster’ specialised in gas production, which would allow sharing facilities and to improve the profitability and efficiency of projects,” Ecopetrol said.

Gorgon-1 is estimated to hold reserves of between 800 million and 1.2 billion boe. Colombian Energy Minister German Arce compared the importance of the new gas find with the discovery of oil at the Cusiana onshore field in the late 1980s, the biggest in the history of Colombia’s oil industry. 

Gorgon-1 was drilled by the Bolette Dolphin drillship, which features a global dynamic positioning system (GDPS), allowing it to maintain its exact position throughout the exploration drilling programme.

“This discovery will be important for the future of Colombia’s gas supply. The exploratory successes of the Caribbean are part of Ecopetrol’s strategy that, since 2017, has focused on increasing hydrocarbon reserves and for which we have doubled our investment on exploration,” said Ecopetrol’s CEO, Juan Carlos Echeverry.

The company has said it will spend US$650 million on exploration in 2017, which includes plans to drill 17 exploratory wells this year, including five offshore in Colombia and one offshore in the US.

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