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Wulumuqi Changhui Automatic Meter Co,. Ltd


With the continuously progress of science and technology, multiphase flowmeter is bound to move to the miniaturization tendency. Flow pipelines, non-separated and partial separated multiple phase flow measurement will eventually replace the larger separated multiple flow measurement technology. At present, the multiple flowmeters for the site are mainly classified as separated type, partial separated type and non-separated type, the separated type is featured as large size and high cost, the non-separated type is susceptible to gas rate, silt, waxy, salinity, and viscosity of the medium, and variation of these parameters must be achieved by frequently evaluating and calibrating the multiphase flowmeter. Recent years, Changhui Company provides new non-separated and partial separated oil gas water three-phase measuring device, its performance is not susceptible to other interference factors, especially, water cut measurement adopts sampling from the process pipe and intercepting liquid phase, and qualitative measurement method is adopted, which solves the hard problem of water cut in the well measurement.
Gas-Liquid Two-phase Flowmeter
The Measurement principle:
Only gas phase and liquid phase can be taken as measurement media in the traditional mass measurement meter, gas phase volume percentage composition is more than 5 to 10% in the liquid phase, error is larger, and abnormal work may happen. The mass flowmeter for gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement can be used to measure the gas phase density and liquid phase density, the computation of the computer is controlled by the flow and the gas liquid volume ratio can be obtained, and the gas-liquid two-phase flow can be calculated by mixing flow and gas-liquid volume ratio.
The Industrial areas:
l   Petroleum and natural gas
l   Petrochemical industry
The Applications:
l   Condensate natural gas gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement
l   Oil and gas field wellhead gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement
l   Offshore floating oil production and platform gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement
l   Heavy oil produced fluid flow measurement
l   SAGD well gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement
The Features:
l   Suitable for the conditions of high temperatures, high pressure, and high corrosion
l   Small size, light weight, suitable for stationary and mobile metering
Gas-liquid Flowmeter DeviceFor heavy oil
The Principle:
The main process piping utilizes mass flowmeter to measure the gas-liquid mixing flow and the mixed density, the 3-way valves on the main process piping and the bypass are used to intercept partial gas-liquid liquidand send it to the cylindrical cyclone separator ( GLCC in short), the PLC controller is used to control electric heater for hearting the liquid in the tube column, the guide wave radar is used to measure the liquid level and interface in the water cut measuring tube, and the flow controlling computer is used to calculate the gas and liquid flow and the water cut. Heavy oil, emulsion or non-easily separated media can enhance the heating device and the demulsifier filling device, and accelerate separation of liquid phase in the water cut measurement tube.
The Applications:
l   Oil, gas, and water flow measuring in heavy oil
l   Oil, gas, and water flow measuring in less gas
The Features:
l   Suitable for the conditions of high temperatures, high pressure, and high corrosion
l   Compacted structure, light weight, suitable for stationary and mobile metering
l   water cut measures accurately without effect of media among sand, mud, hard water and scaling.


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